What We Do In The Security Industry

With several years of unrest and instability in the country, and the rise of needs for security service, The Surchy Group has consistently endeavoured to establish innovative and functional footholds. Amadabash Security, one of our reputable companies that operate in the security sector, is presented to you with a cognizance of market demands and a mission founded on integrity and confidence.

Amadabash Security is comprised of a group of experienced experts from different countries, each contributing their own unique abilities in technology engineering, procurement, logistics, mobile security solutions, and vehicle fleet maintenance. Amadabash has emerged as a reliable security service provider that specialises in remote regions. The company provides an extensive range of life support services that are applicable to both the horizontal and vertical construction sectors. Additionally, our affiliation with a wide array of freight forwarders and country-specific clearance agents guarantees the timely and effective transportation of merchandise.

Throughout the past decade, Amadabash Security has maintained an upward trend in its operations, as evidenced by its net profits and organizational structure increasing by a noteworthy 30% per annum. Our clientele, which includes diplomatic missions from France, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Germany, as well as aid missions from USAID, UNDP, UNOPS, UNHCR, MSH, and Sweden, among others, is attributable to this growth. With pride, our portfolio comprises partnerships with domestic and international organizations, in addition to regional governmental entities.