Real Estate

Innovative Real Estate Ventures

Our venture into real estate stands out among the diverse array of sectors in which we excel. Our objective is to unlock the boundless potential of our clients, professionals, and partners through the development of ground-breaking investment solutions that transcend conventional limits. We flourish in environments that are constantly evolving and engage in complex endeavours, such as inspiring confidence in present-day decisions and imaginatively envisioning future spaces.

Since 1997, Awsaf Real Estate, our Iraq-based premier real estate firm, has been conducting business with distinction. As a pivotal player in the industry, our presence has been expanded across the nation, with five strategically located branches. In addition to our proficiency in property purchase and sale, we also offer customised consulting services for astute real estate investments. Acknowledging the intricate nature of real estate transactions, our organisation is committed to furnishing customised counsel to our clients, thereby enabling them to traverse their investment endeavours with lucidity and assurance. At Awsaf Real Estate, our commitment is to facilitate a transparent and smooth transactional experience.

Leveraged by an extensive knowledge of the market and a group of experts who not only have a strong passion for the real estate sector, but also thrive in it, our all-encompassing methodology empowers you to capitalise on investment opportunities, thereby facilitating your path to greater prosperity.

Due to our modern approach and devoted team, our real estate endeavours have consistently met with success. Our history of great accomplishments demonstrates The Surchy Group's solid foundation in the real estate industry, which augurs a bright future replete with additional renowned landmarks.