In the ever-changing environment of the global marketplace, The Surchy Group has established itself as a prominent embodiment of innovative strategies, flexibility, and continuous development. Our conglomerate comprises a diverse array of 18 companies, spanning across regions from the Middle East to the European Union. This collective entity plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and development. The Surchy Group effectively incorporates a wide range of ideas, skills, and innovative techniques, reflecting the dynamic and diversified nature of the regions it operates in, while continually developing a blueprint for the future. 


Among the realms in which The Surchy Group operates, its commitment to the construction industry is rooted in traditional principles and a distinguished past spanning several decades.

Medical Industry

Over years of innovative progression, we have become a dominant force in the medical industry, reflecting our strong commitment to healthcare excellence and development.


Among the diverse industries in which The Surchy Group excels, its commitment to agriculture holds a unique spot, grounded in a legacy of more than 50 years of continuous development.

Food and Beverage

Within the food and beverage industry, The Surchy Group has carved a unique position as a leading importer and exporter of a variety of consumable goods and fresh produce.

Investment and Development

Among the extensive range of industries in which The Surchy Group is actively involved, Investment and Development emerge as fundamental areas of concern and interest


With several years of unrest and instability in the country, and the rise of needs for security service, we have consistently endeavoured to establish innovative and functional footholds.


The Surchy Group acknowledges the transformative potential of education in shaping the future, contributing to the advancement society and its ability to foster progress.

General Trading

In the complex world of general trading, The Surchy Group has established a niche for itself in the complex realm of general trading, navigating the intricacies of global trade with competency.

Renewable Energy

The active engagement of The Surchy Group in the renewable energy industry demonstrates our deep understanding of the significance of a sustainable future.

Nursery and Plantation Project

The Surchy Group excels in nursery and plantation, distinguished for its commitment to sustainable practices and a focus on green initiative promotion.

Travel and Tourism

The Surchy Group pioneers unique travel experiences, offering transformative journeys that combine luxury with authenticity, adventure, and cultural immersion with unparalleled comfort.



The Surchy Group is at the forefront of advancing today's industries in an effort to create a sustainable future for all, motivated by a deep dedication to responsibility and respect. By maintaining a commitment to the well-being of human society and the environment, we consistently evolve to meet the changing requirements of our markets. We not only seize the opportunities of the present, but also anticipate and form the possibilities of the future. As we foster the development and advancement of our partners, clients, and communities, our mission remains crystal clear: to generate value that extends beyond the interests of our company, reaching out with a positive influence on communities, the environment, and the wider economy.

Mission Statement – To create a positive economic impact and long-term value in the industries we operate in, for the businesses we support, and the communities we touch. We are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for our partners and clients on a consistent basis through professional services, valuable insights and robust investment opportunities.

The Surchy Group strives for excellence in all industries it works in. Across various sectors, including education, renewable energy, real estate, and agriculture, our vision is to integrate our deep knowledge and expertise with innovative solutions. It's not just about business for us; we are committed to the future of our community, sustainable growth, and high-quality service.  With partnerships spanning the Middle East and the European Union, and a devoted team at our core, our organisation is firmly rooted in the desire to make a lasting impact, on both a local and global scale.

We deliver unique, value-added solutions by leveraging our combined expertise, shared knowledge, creativity and potential. Our vision reflects our development strategy, our company’s purpose, core values and culture of shared success.

Vision Statement - to establish a robust and diverse foundation of operating assets, achieved by means of both intelligent acquisitions in sectors primed for development and by pioneering innovative ventures.

Central to The Surchy Group is a constant commitment to influencing a more promising, sustainable future. Motivated by pioneering ideas and strengthened by a wide range of perspectives, our objective is to develop industry-wide solutions that not only progress the commercial landscape but also improve communities and lives. By means of each endeavour, collaboration, and undertaking, our purpose is to establish an enduring impact on society, ensuring that our present deeds establish the foundation for a prosperous, interconnected future. We consistently pursue auspicious investment opportunities, both domestically and internationally, with an eagerness to foster direct ownership and cultivate long-lasting partnerships.

Amid constant global change, The Surchy Group remains resolute in its commitment to pioneering advancements and redefining market boundaries for its stakeholders and allies. Our endeavours are motivated by a commitment to the professional growth of our team and a vision for the advancement of the economy. Above all, our purpose is to have a positive impact on society while ensuring that our efforts towards growth tread gently on the world’s resources. 



  • Noble

    We prioritize service excellence, focusing on understanding clients' goals, exceeding expectations, and putting their needs first.

  • Integrity

    We uphold ethical governance, prioritize transparency, and nurture a learning and adaptable environment that enhances our team's reputation and pride.

  • Bravery

    Our adaptable team seizes opportunities confidently, optimizing advantages and embracing calculated risks, introducing change, and fostering independent, logical courage.

  • Responsibility

    We safeguard our conglomerate's reputation and adhere to ethical principles through responsible, honest, and transparent conduct. We embrace accountability for our decisions and their consequences in all our endeavors.

  • Competence

    Our competent and professional team, at all levels and sectors, values experience, collaboration, and synergy among experts from various disciplines.

  • Excellence

    Committed to top performance and exceptional outcomes for clients, partners, and communities. Our aspiration is nothing less than excellence.