Medical Industry

Driving Healthcare Excellence

The Surchy Group has established a strong presence in the medical industry, one of its many thriving sectors, through many years of progressive development. Its association with the medical industry encompasses more than just improving healthcare standards and advancing technological boundaries. It also represents a more comprehensive goal of establishing a healthier future, pioneering cutting-edge medical practises, and cultivating a harmonious relationship between healthcare providers and beneficiaries.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals, our medical endeavours have experienced extraordinary expansion, reflecting the organization's steadfast commitment to excellence and superiority. The organisation supervises an extensive network of medical facilities that are, among other things, pioneers in patient care and medical research. By implementing modern technologies and approaches, our medical division guarantees exceptional healthcare services defined by precision, patient-centricity, and quality care.

For over a decade, The Surchy Group has been a cornerstone in the health sector, dedicated to elevating healthcare standards in both Kurdistan and Iraq. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses a range of facilities and services, including hospitals, beauty centres, pharmacies, medical supply warehouses, medical training centres and health insurance.

Shar Hospital

A noteable element within the medical services we provide is Shar Hospital, a preeminent medical institution housing more than 300 committed professionals, serving the Iraqi community since 2018. The facility features cutting-edge medical equipment and is widely recognised for its exceptional staff of physicians and nurses, ensuring exceptional patient care. Shar Hospital also facilitates minor and major surgical procedures on a daily basis, while offering an array of services not limited to surgical procedures, but also emergency care, an in-house pharmacy, and insurance provisions. Expansion plans in place to establish additional facilities in Baghdad and Basra, reflecting the ambition to broaden the healthcare horizon for Iraq's inhabitants.

Bilim Pharma Company

In addition to the hospital services, we offer the Bilim Pharmacy, which was founded in 2011 and is widely acknowledged as one of the largest medical supply warehouses in Iraq. Bilim Pharmacy, maintaining a strong presence in the industry, offers pharmaceuticals and medical supplies of the highest quality and has established strong alliances with renowned international medical brands.

Complementing the facilities and services mentioned, our partnership with HGG Hospitals, a provider of outpatient services throughout Europe, reinforces our dedication to delivering exceptional patient care. As the sole partner of HGG in Iraq, we proudly offer access to eighteen specialised medical services on an international scale. This collaboration bridges the gap and guarantees that patients in Iraq who are in need of advanced treatments that are not easily accessible domestically receive the highest quality of care.

Derma Secret

Derma Secret, offers a thoroughly tested, controlled, and easily accessible supply chain. Drawing from extensive medical-aesthetic expertise, it stands as the optimal choice for your professional endeavours. Derma Secret is a specialised brand in the realms of dermatology and aesthetics that is committed to serving the therapeutic, corrective, and aesthetic dermatological needs of both patients and physicians. Dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative medical solutions while placing the highest priority on efficiency and safety, Derma Secret envisions becoming a global leader in the Aesthetic and Beauty industry. 

Experienced in the medical field, The Surchy Group now offers its services to the cosmetic industry through its strategic partnership with Derma Secret. Serving as the area's operators and legal representatives, The Surchy Group introduces Derma Secret's revolutionary line of injectable fillers, composed of Monophasic Hyaluronic Acid and exhibit exceptional cohesiveness and elasticity, representing the epitome of beauty tailoured to each individual's distinct personality. With the latest equipment and expert medical guidance, we guarantee results that are only possible for experienced practitioners. Derma Secret's cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel, with varying concentrations, offers superior control over aesthetic results, delivering a perceptibly soft and natural look, accompanied by a gradual resorption of the correction. Derma Secret, in tandem with The Surchy Group, stands as a preferred choice for high-profile medical-aesthetic practices in the region.