Advancing the Construction Landscape

Among the realms in which The Surchy Group operates, its commitment to the construction industry is rooted in traditional principles and a distinguished past spanning several decades. The continuous engagement in construction extends beyond mere infrastructure construction and urban development. It encapsulates a vision of constructing a sustainable future, advocating for innovative architectural designs, and shaping landscapes that illustrate the fusion of aesthetic elegance and modernity.

Our construction projects have flourished under the diligent oversight of highly skilled architects and engineering experts, representing the collective commitment of our group to accuracy, dependability, and exceptional artistry. We command an extensive portfolio of construction projects, encompassing exquisite residential complexes as well as iconic commercial towers. By utilising innovative construction methods and machinery, our construction division guarantees environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and remarkable architectural achievements.

The Surchy Group constructs various types of mobility infrastructure while implementing circular economy principles in the production of materials and the construction process. In addition to ecological engineering, its scope of expertise includes energy infrastructure, water treatment and transmission infrastructure, and urban development projects.

As providers of civil engineering structures, and a market leader due to our proficiency in soil technology, structures, and digital technology applied to construction, we have the ability to design and deliver complex turnkey projects. Our organization collaborates with stakeholders from the public and private sectors to address the complexities that emerge from urban development and city regeneration across all building sectors.

Under the leadership of our general construction companies, Mykonos and Harivan, which have been in business since 2004, we have established a benchmark for excellence in the construction industry, specialising in a wide array of projects including road and building construction, as well as extensive infrastructure endeavours. We've accomplished this by combining the expertise of our staff with the latest technology and a relentless commitment to excellence.