Plant Nursery

Nursery and Plantation Project

In the realm of nursery and plantation, The Surchy Group has established a unique identity by promoting sustainable practices and green initiatives. Acknowledging the critical importance of vegetation and trees to our ecosystem, we have initiated initiatives that align with our principles of fostering environmentally sustainable economies and caring for the environment.

By capitalizing on the knowledge and experience of experienced farmers and agronomists, The Surchy Group has played a crucial role in facilitating the trade of a wide range of seeds and trees between Europe and the Middle East. Yet, our ambitions transcend mere trade. One of our distinctive pursuits comprises the acquisition and improvement of ancient olive trees, some aging between 200 to a staggering 15,000 years. Following their extraction, these trees, which originate in Europe, are transferred to our facilities. Although we commence some preparatory customizations in Europe, the trees are subjected to additional enhancements upon their arrival in order to increase their visual appeal prior to their display in the market.

Tree Export

For us, every seed embodies potential, and thus, we have instituted comprehensive planting services, ensuring that each seedling is nurtured to its fullest potential. Our competent staff train our clients on the intricacies of planting, from the initial sowing to sustaining healthy growth. In addition to our planting initiatives, we provide a selection of exclusive fertilizers designed to enhance soil vitality, increase plant yields, and fortify their resistance to pests and diseases.

Our efforts in the plantations sector were significantly rewarded when we obtained licenses from the Greek government for tree extraction fields and exporting. This innovative and first-of-its-kind advancement reaffirms our solid pursuit of achieving high standards and our aspiration to offer revolutionary solutions to our clientele.

Alfalfa Field

The Surchy Group, an entity that has entered the agricultural domain in Iraq, has demonstrated its expertise in alfalfa cultivation over a vast expanse of 980 hectares. With the assistance of contemporary irrigation systems, we guarantee perennial development that results in bountiful harvests. Embracing modernity, our harvesting methods incorporate advanced baler machines, embodying both effectiveness and efficiency. However, our inventiveness is not limited to cultivation. By converting the harvested alfalfa into animal pellet feed, we have demonstrated our dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions and maintaining the utmost levels of quality.

The Royal Tree Corporation

At Royal Tree, our journey with each olive tree begins with a vision - a vision to elevate the standard to the exceptional. It is a process that blends modernity and tradition, and it all begins with a strategic choice of land. Read on to follow the steps and process of our work. Royal Tree is committed to providing your spaces with the magnificence and historical significance of ancient olive trees through the fusion of enduring aesthetics and unrivalled proficiency. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of services for both business and private purposes, our offerings encompass all facets of olive tree selection, maintenance, and lanscape improvement. Explore the services that establish Royal Tree Corporation  as the leading provider of tree care and cultivation.

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