Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Within the food and beverage industry, The Surchy Group has carved a unique position as a leading importer and exporter of a variety of consumable goods and fresh produce. Our expertise extends to the procurement of premium fruits, appetising vegetables, and a diverse selection of food and beverages. Our dependable suppliers and partners on an international scale attest to our commitment to quality and value. Regardless of your preference, be it seasonal fruits, vegetables, or primary food items, we stand poised to deliver quality straight to your threshold. We are honoured to be the exclusive resellers of several international brands, further solidifying our commitment to offering our clientele world-class products.

Avaton Water Agency

Originating from natural springs situated atop the Agion Oros Mountain, every drop of Avaton water promises unmatched purity, ensuring you experience nature's true essence with every sip. We are proud to hold an exclusive partnership agreement for the import of Avaton Water, an alliance that adheres to the principles upheld by our organization, while fostering our steadfast dedication to providing our valued clients with exclusive natural products.

Beyond its revitalizing taste, Avaton water exemplifies contemporary sophistication. Our packaging has been thoughtfully crafted to encompass modern aesthetics while simultaneously safeguarding the inherent goodness of the water. Additionally, emphasizing our commitment to excellence, Avaton water personifies our environmentally conscious philosophy. Produced in a sustainable manner, it is devoid of any harmful chemicals or additives. And, to make this pristine experience accessible, we've built an expansive distribution network across Iraq.

Importing Olives

In an effort to consistently improve our product portfolio, we are currently directing our focus towards importing olives from Greece. Originating from the importation of olives from Italy to Iraq in 2014, our most recent venture into the Greek market is motivated by the assurance of obtaining products of exceptional quality at prices that are competitive with our rivals. Consistently, our clientele can anticipate the same level of excellence that is emblematic of our brand.

Importing Olive Oil

Mykonos Company is committed to importing olive oil of the highest quality to Iraq, a golden elixir of health. We acknowledge and support the manifold health advantages that this organic product provides. Olive oil truly contributes to overall well-being by promoting cardiovascular health, regulating cholesterol levels, and enhancing cognitive functions. Our aspiration transcends commercial concerns and is a mission to improve the health environment of the entire country. Contrary to many other nations, olive oil never had a traditional significance in the culinary customs of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Acknowledging its multiple health benefits, our organization is committed to disseminating knowledge regarding its advantages to the community and promoting its use to improve overall health and well-being. Our objective is to promote the incorporation of olive oil into the daily diets of our community, with the intention of fostering health and prosperity.

Red Meat

The bulls are originally imported from Paraguay, Brazil, and Georgia. Following a fattening procedure aimed at enhancing the quality of the meat, these products are prepared for the market within a six month cycle. Striving to deliver a significant quantity of 6,000,000 tonnes of premium red meat to the market every cycle demonstrates our steadfast dedication to effectively satisfying consumer demands. This endeavour is guided by Lion Land, one of the 18 companies that form our conglomerate, The Surchy Group.