Our Work In Education

The Surchy Group acknowledges the transformative potential of education in shaping the future, contributing to the advancement society and its ability to foster progress. Driven by our profound commitment to promoting knowledge and the progress of society as a whole, we have initiated innovative endeavours within the realm of education. Our affiliation with prestigious institutions further demonstrates our commitment to bringing education of the highest standards closer to our community.

University of New York Baghdad

Azan, an initiative within our conglomerate, operates the New York University franchise in Baghdad. Our commitment involves the concurrent construction of the university campus and the supervision of the educational infrastructure, both with an investment of $60 million.

The blueprint comprises a wide-ranging complex comprising six academic blocks, twin dormitory buildings, a modern international library, and a variety of branded cafeterias and restaurants, with a total area of 130,000 square metres. With a projected annual enrolment of around 4,000 students spanning multiple departments, we promise a holistic educational experience. 

University of New York Erbil

The Surchy Group, in partnership with Azan, is delighted to present the New York University franchise in Erbil as we expand our educational footprint. Consistent with our dedication in Baghdad, we are currently leading the educational initiatives of the university while also supervising its construction, which is being funded by an investment of $50 million.

With a planned area of more than 100,000 square metres, the Erbil Campus is expected to include residential buildings for student housing, a library that meets international standards, and a curated collection of cafeterias and dining establishments. We expect to receive approximately 3,000 students per year, representing a wide range of academic fields.