The Royal Tree Coporation

As we introduce Royal Tree, we pay homage to this rich legacy, embodying the same principles that made the olive tree an essential component of civilization. Royal Tree is a continuation of this story that began thousands of years ago, a story of strength, innovation and reverence for the natural world. Our dedication to preserving tradition, ensuring quality, and promoting sustainability is a tribute to the eternal legacy of the olive tree, a legacy that we are honoured to uphold.  

Nurturing History, Cultivating Elegance

Located in the heart of Halkidiki, an area renowned for its rich history and devotion to olive farming, Royal Tree serves as an embodiment of both innovation and tradition in the olive tree cultivation industry. Halkidiki, known for its expansive olive plantations spanning an estimated 360,000 hectares and accommodating an estimated 6 million olive trees, serves as a tangible manifestation of the olive's continuing legacy on both the Greek economy and culture. In this region, olive cultivation is not solely an industry; it is a way of life, with eighty percent of the local population committed to caring, nurturing for these trees which represent the soul of the region. 

Rooted in Antiquity, Branching into the Future

At Royal Tree, we are custodians of this rich heritage, specializing in the cultivation and export of ancient olive trees that reach back over 1,000 years. These treasured trees, identified by their gnarled trunks and large canopies, serve as living artefacts that embody historical and cultural heritage for centuries. Royal Tree, the first licensed company for the exportation of wood products in Greece, has been a pioneer in the cultivation and exportation of olive trees. Our first production comprised 140 ancient olive trees ranging between 250- 1,000 years old, each with its own unique narrative, poised to enhance landscapes with its enduring aesthetic appeal and sophistication.

Majestic History

In addition to their age, the olive trees we cultivate are distinguished by their mere existence. Aged between two hundred and one thousand years, these ancient sentinels provide more than mere shade; they are symbols of opulence, historical significance, and breathtaking natural beauty. These trees perfectly adorn gardens, atriums, and driveways, thereby imbuing any area with an alluring narrative that symbolises vitality, tenacity, and aesthetic appeal.

Halkidiki’s Connection to Olive Trees

In Halkidiki, the tradition of olive cultivation is as old as the hills, with systematic cultivation dating back to the mid-19th century. The region's olive production is an essential component of Greece's agricultural output, contributing 55% to the national yield. This remarkable output is exceptional in quality as well as quantity. Halkidiki is renowned for its olive oil and olives, with several brands celebrated for their distinctive flavours and nutritional value across the world.

Our Promise: Sustainability, Quality, and Heritage

Royal Tree Company is committed to ensuring the sustainability of our practices while preserving the legacy of our ancient olive trees. Our olive trees serve as a bridge connecting the past and the future, upholding the olive-growing customs of Halkidiki in a sustainable manner that enhances the well-being of our customers. Every tree that we care for and every product that we provide is imprinted with the unique qualities of Halkidiki, including its fertile soil and centuries-old cultivation methods.

With Royal Tree, you're not just acquiring an olive tree; you're embracing a piece of history, a slice of Greek heritage, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Our team ensures that every tree, which exemplifies the tenacity and aesthetic appeal of the natural world, is carefully positioned, be it in the serene gardens of private residences, farms or the expansive landscapes of commercial establishments.

Join Us in Honouring the Legacy of the Olive Tree

As Royal Tree continues to grow and evolve, our roots remain firmly planted in the rich soil of Halkidiki. We invite you to join us in celebrating the legacy of the olive tree—a legacy of beauty, history, and sustainability. Explore the timeless allure of our olive trees and allow them to continue inspiring your spaces as they have for millennia. Welcome to Royal Tree, an enclave where history and nature converge to create something truly extraordinary.

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