Avaton Water Agency

Originating from natural springs situated atop the Agion Oros Mountain, every drop of Avaton water promises unmatched purity, ensuring you experience nature's true essence with every sip. We are proud to hold an exclusive partnership agreement for the import of Avaton Water, an alliance that adheres to the principles upheld by our organisation, while fostering our steadfast dedication to providing our valued clients with exclusive natural products.

Beyond its revitalizing taste, Avaton water exemplifies contemporary sophistication. Our packaging has been thoughtfully crafted to encompass modern aesthetics while simultaneously safeguarding the inherent goodness of the water. Additionally emphasising our commitment to excellence, Avaton water personifies our environmentally conscious philosophy. Produced in a sustainable manner, it is devoid of any harmful chemicals or additives. And, to make this pristine experience accessible, we've built an expansive distribution network across Iraq.

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